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Remember that feeling of taking in a deep breath of Pure Clean Air, you felt invigorated and alive.

That’s what we’ve captured for you to enjoy anywhere at anytime.

The quality of our premium Australian air is exceptionally high and we believe that every breath will add to your wellbeing

Enjoy our beautiful, clean Australian air


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About our pure air

Our pure air is sourced at a pristine location in Australia.

This pure fresh air is captured using our cold press technology, so you get only the highest quality ambient air straight from location to your door to enjoy anywhere at anytime.

What’s very exciting is how it makes our clients feel. They often tell us they can taste and smell the freshness and it makes them feel alive and invigorated. The smile on their faces says it all.

If you think that sounds good, just wait until you try it.

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Independent laboratory testing

Our air is 100% pure but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Our pure premium air is independently laboratory tested to the highest standards. We engage a leading air testing laboratory to measure and verify the quality of our air.

We insist that our air is exposed to the highest levels of analysis with each harvest receiving its own independent certification.

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The Green & Clean Story

Our vision is to share our clean, pure air with the world.

Australia truly is the lucky country! We are used to looking up, seeing blue sky and breathing clean pure air.

Many of us don’t even give it a second thought. The sad reality is that many people across the world are not as lucky as us and are exposed to unclean and potentially harmful toxins in the air they breathe every day.

This fact is our inspiration.

I live in Beijing where the air is very bad, I spend a lot of time trying to stay fit and healthy but can’t change the air. Taking in some clean Australian air every day makes a real difference.

I remember when I was in Australia thinking how clean the air was and wishing I could take some home for my friends and family, looks like I can now.

Wow, Australian air in a can. I’ve seen photos of that big blue sky in Australia and can’t wait to try it.

I live in India and the air here seems to be getting worse and worse. What can I say, I love your air, I cannot get enough of it.

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