Air vs Oxygen

Wow, Bondi Beach in a can. I visited Australia two years ago and went to Bondi Beach. Closing my eyes and breathing that fresh sea air was like being back.

I live in Beijing where the air is very bad. I spend a lot of time trying to stay fit and healthy but I can’t change the air. Taking in some clean air every day makes me feel great.

I remember when I was on the Gold Coast in Australia thinking I wish I could take this fresh air home, looks like I can now. I’m sold. Big thanks guys!

What is the difference between Air and Oxygen?

That invigorating alive feeling you get when breathing in a deep breath of clean air is actually a combination of a number of elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and other natural elements. That’s the beauty of it, the makeup of the air we capture changes depending on the location where it is captured from.

Oxygen on the other hand is quite different. Oxygen is often used for medical purposes or by athletes for short periods of time. In fact, prolonged use of oxygen can be harmful to the body so unlike clean air that can be enjoyed anytime, Oxygen should only be used for specific conditions and for specific periods of times.

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