How we do it

Wow, Bondi Beach in a can. I visited Australia two years ago and went to Bondi Beach. Closing my eyes and breathing that fresh sea air was like being back.

I live in Beijing where the air is very bad. I spend a lot of time trying to stay fit and healthy but I can’t change the air. Taking in some clean air every day makes me feel great.

I remember when I was on the Gold Coast in Australia thinking I wish I could take this fresh air home, looks like I can now. I’m sold. Big thanks guys!

How We Capture Pure Air

From a pristine Australian destination, getting clean fresh ambient from location, to container, to you, takes quite an effort but we think it’s worth it and after one breath you will too. Here’s how we do it.

We visit paradise

This is the best part of the process. We get to visit a beautiful and pristine Australian location so we can capture its most valuable resource, clean, pure, fresh air.

Transfer the goodness to bottle

Using the highest standards in cold press compression, we fill individual containers directly on location. The capturing process is conducted using medical grade equipment and our quality control is second to none. This way we can ensure you breathe the same clean unspoiled air we took from the location. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself.

Delivered to your door

These containers are then packed and shipped directly to you anywhere in the world so you can enjoy our pure air anywhere at anytime.

What are you waiting for?

Remember that invigorating feeling you get when you take a deep breath of clean pure air from a beautiful beach or pristine forest location? We believe this is what our product delivers and you can relive that feeling any time you wish.

Sound special? You bet it is!

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