What is Air Farming?

Wow, Bondi Beach in a can. I visited Australia two years ago and went to Bondi Beach. Closing my eyes and breathing that fresh sea air was like being back.

I live in Beijing where the air is very bad. I spend a lot of time trying to stay fit and healthy but I can’t change the air. Taking in some clean air every day makes me feel great.

I remember when I was on the Gold Coast in Australia thinking I wish I could take this fresh air home, looks like I can now. I’m sold. Big thanks guys!

What is Air Farming?

If you are one of the lucky ones and live in a part of the world where you look up and see blue sky, it’s no wonder you haven’t heard of air farming. Fresh clean air is something many of us take for granted, however in some parts of the world this is a resource that sadly is in short supply.

The fact is many cities around the world are so polluted that on some days you can barely see across the road, let alone see blue sky. It was only recently in a Chinese city that school children were advised to stay at home due to dangerous levels of pollution. It’s a situation that only seems to be getting worse.

It’s only natural that many residents of such places are becoming increasingly concerned about their health due to constantly breathing polluted air. Given most people can’t just up and leave where they live, the questions is what can they do to at least improve their situation? The answer may well be access to clean air.

The term air farming means to capture clean air from one location and make it available in another. For example, making clean air from Australia available to people in China or India.

While there have not been any studies covering the effect on people living in polluted areas breathing small quantities of clean air, many people work on the basis that some clean air is better than none. In fact, our users of clean air products say they love the way it makes them feel so perhaps air farming has already done its job, regardless of the lack of documented evidence.

If we accept that providing clean air to people is a good thing, the next question is how is it done? The truth is that air farming, when done properly is actually quite complex and there would appear to be only a handful of companies that have invested in research and development sufficiently to be able to call themselves true air farmers.

Getting clean air into a container under pressure requires expensive purpose built machinery. The process is also time consuming as each container is filled at location to ensure the highest quality air. The containers the air is captured in are also very important as they need to provide a sterile environment for the air as well as an effective delivery system for the user.

Green and Clean are leaders in air farming technology and are proud to offer this valuable resource to those around the world who want to take that clean and pure fresh air feeling anywhere and enjoy it anytime.

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